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The best roofing solutions in White City

If you’re looking to fix your roof, in a time-conscious manner, then you’ve just hit the jackpot! 

Here’s the scoop… In rainy White City, waiting too long to repair your roof or not choosing the right roofing experts can mean the difference between a secure, cozy home and a potential deluge indoors!


A Glimpse of the Roofing Solutions You Get

At GB Roofing, our roofing services are like a well-built roof: they cover everything and leave no room for leaks. Here’s what we offer, each with a little extra shine:

residential roofing

Residential Roofing Services

✓ Discover exceptional quality and value for the most important property you own: your home.

✓ Enjoy top-tier roofing materials and craftsmanship that ensure your roof can stand up to Oregon's toughest weather.

✓ Skip the hassle and headaches with our efficient roofing process, designed to get you back to living without construction disruptions.

✓ Feel confident with a team of roofing experts handling all aspects of your roofing needs—big or small.
commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

✓ Elevate your business with a roof that shouts professionalism and dedication to quality.

✓ Equip your commercial property with the highest level of roofing integrity, designed to protect your investment and your patrons.

✓ Take the fast track to a better business image with roofing work that's finished swiftly and masterfully.

✓ With our commercial roofing expertise, negotiate the elements like a pro—keeping your operations smooth no matter the weather.
gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

✓ Experience the joy of maintenance-free gutters with our specialized gutter cleaning services.

✓ Protect the foundation and landscaping of your property from water damage due to clogged gutters.

✓ Improve water flow and prevent ice dams before they start.
moss removal

Moss Removal

✓ Say goodbye to unsightly moss and hello to a roof that looks brand new.

✓ Extend the life of your roof with meticulous moss removal that stops damage in its tracks.

✓ Take pride in a pristine property appearance that boosts curb appeal and property value.

Here's Our Promise to White City Residents

We are GB Roofing, a family-owned business located in Southern Oregon. With countless roofs fixed and a dedication to saving your money while providing quality service, we’ve carved out a niche for not just carefulness but speed! 

Eight sets of hands are better than two, right? That’s why we deliver faster than you’d expect. Our guarantee? A lifetime warranty for a roof over your head that stays strong against wind, rain, snow, and more.

But don’t just take our word for it! Our White City neighbors are already enjoying dry, secure properties, thanks to our residential and commercial roofing prowess, gutter cleaning mastery, and our knack for kicking moss to the curb. Wait too long, and that Oregon weather won’t just knock on your door – it’ll barge right in!

Got leaks? See shingles flying? Don’t sit on a ticking time bomb. Contact us now and make sure your property stays high and dry!

The GB Roofing Advantage

When you partner with GB Roofing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a promise of strength, reliability, and trust. We guide you through the entire roofing process from the first shingle to the final inspection, with a commitment to getting you there fast

You not only gain a rock-solid roof but a team ready to back up that work with a lifetime warranty.

white city roofers

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