SAVE $1,000 as a Senior Citizen or enjoy a $1,500 Military Discount!

Keep Your Oregon Roof Strong and Safe

 With GB Roofing, you get the whole package for your roofing needs.

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Here's How GB Roofing Delivers on This Promise...

With multiple roofing projects completed across Southern Oregon, we have brought peace of mind to countless home and business owners just like you.

Our team doesn’t just cover your home or building; we ensure that your roofing experience is smooth, and you’re back to loving your Oregon home or business in no time. 

Plus, we sweeten the deal with $1000 Off for senior citizens and a lifetime warranty that’s too good to pass up.

Don’t let another rainy day pass by, putting your property at risk. Remember, a strong roof in South Oregon means a secure home, and we’re here to make that happen for you.


Here's the Best of What GB Roofing Offers...

residential roofing

Residential Roofing Services

No home is too big or small for our expert touch. Turn to GB Roofing because:

✓ We know exactly how to tailor your roof to protect it in Oregon's unique climate.

✓ We provide hassle-free protection for your home.

✓ You'll avoid common roofing mistakes, ensuring your home's safety and boosting its value.

✓ We’ll keep a clear communication for any roofing questions you may have.

✓ You’ll enjoy significant savings with our competitive pricing—no hidden costs!
commercial roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

Your business deserves a roof that works as hard as you do. Here's why GB Roofing is your top choice:

✓ Enhance your business's market value with our roofing solutions.

✓ Bypass the usual stresses of commercial roofing with our efficient project management.

✓ Masterful negotiations mean your project stays within budget and schedule.

✓ Save the extra cash that would have gone to needless expenditures!
gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Keep your gutters flowing smoothly with our premier service. GB Roofing ensures:

✓ Your home or building is safeguarded against water damage due to Oregon's heavy rains.

✓ One less worry off your mind with unclogged gutters.

✓ Jump over the common hurdle of gutter maintenance.

✓ Expert advice is always available for all your gutter-related inquiries.

✓ Maximize your investment with our affordable gutter service rates!
moss removal

Moss Removal

Moss might look quaint, but it can wreak havoc. With us, your roof will be:

✓ Restored to beauty and functionality, adding allure to your Oregon home.

✓ Free from the grip of moss, stopping potential damage in its tracks.

✓ Transformed, bypassing the usual troubles that moss can cause homeowners.

✓ Treated expertly, with the right know-how for a delicate and thorough cleanup.

✓ Keeping more money in your pocket by preventing costly future repairs!

Lets Get Started

Let's Get Your Roof Sorted Right Away!

Don’t wait any longer. Remember, every moment of hesitation may just lead to another leak or repair down the road. 

Let’s get your roofing project underway! 

**P.S.** – Each second you delay is more damage that your roof may endure. Take a step now and safeguard your space with GB Roofing!

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1768 SW Allen Creek Rd, Grants Pass,OR 97527

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Monday — Friday 8:00am — 5:00pm Saturday - Appointments Only Sunday Closed

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